Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fresh Spring

As you readers may have noticed, I am really biased with this color.  Yellow has always been a mood lifter for me.  I f I want to brighten up my day, I wear yellow and voila, I'm all cheerful and happy.  I bought this yellow sundress along with my other maxi dresses for the supposed beach trip(that keeps getting postponed because of my hectic schedule and deadlines) that we planned for May.  It has been in my closet for a while now so I thought why keep such a beautiful bright dress in the dark?  so I wore it today since it is mother's day anyway. another reason to be bright and happy about.

Bohemian Maxi dress from Boracay Girls (online shop here in China)
ochre flats from China Bazaar
shoulder bag:Louis Vuitton (a hand me down from my gorgeous aunt )
earrings:forever 21
silver bracelet:forever 21
yellow bracelet:WWW

The photo was taken at  Shamian Island, a  tourist district here in Guangzhou which features European architecture.


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