Friday, December 11, 2015

Neutrals at Aion Center

I remember this day vividly.  It was one afternoon after a lunch at a Chinese restaurant near Hyatt Regency where I stayed during the trip.  I had been itching to take a picture of the pocket park at Aion Centre because I thought the scale and simplicity of the design really stand out.  I have been doing a lot of office and commercial design lately so naturally I thought this site would be a good case study.

But then of course I also ended taking outfit pictures of myself.  I did blend well with the surroundings; with my structured jacket and all.  It was a relatively cold day but that did not stop me from wearing my culottes.  I just wore my knee high boots to protect me from the cold.  Yup, the girl from the tropics is not so fond of the cold weather, whether in US or here in China.

Plaid Coat:                GIFT FROM HUBBY
Culottes:                   H&M
Boots:                       ALDO
Bag:                          GIVENCHY PANDORA
Black turtleneck:      UNIQLO

couldn't resist posing with this wall background.

 and more wall shots

 at the hotel before going out for lunch

 comfy even if it's cold

It is obvious that I really fancy this wall.

Till the next one lovelies!

all the love,
Sheri xxx

Monday, December 7, 2015

A trip down history and way up the 103rd floor

This was the day I spent at Field's Museum for some brush-up with American history.  Of course, since the museum is near the lakeside with that breath-taking view of the Chicago skyline, who can resist some photo-op out there?  For sure not me.

Brown long outerwear: H&M (received as an office exchange gift  present last Christmas 2014)
Maxidress: H&M
Knee high Boots: Aldo
Bag: Givenchy Pandora
Sunglasses: Miniso (yup, that pair of eyewear is really cheap, less than 5usd. beat that hah!)

Well, I don't know about you, but that is one hell of a view to me.

The Field's Museum
Fields museum
One magnificent piece of architecture.

Obligatory pose at the steps....

Happy to do another thing I love---photography.

And of course, I just gotta have this picture with that background!

And hell yeah, I took a lot of pics with that background 😁 but I am just posting two😝

Adler museum at the back, folks!

Brilliant afternoon, gorgeous lawn.  What is not to love in Chicago?

In addition to this glorious afternoon shots, sunset was spent up the 103rd floor of the Willis tower.  I did love the spectacular view beyond the glass encased window but there was a whole lot of people trying to get to the same spot all at the same time.  We had to literally  wrestle our way to that window.

400plus feet up in the skydeck.

And I managed to get to this window.   Well the view was definitely worth it!

I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy this.

Lovely Chicago by sundown

So till the next one lovelies!!!!

All the love,
Sheri xxx

A stroll at Lincoln Park

I spent the latter part of the autumn at the beautiful city of Chicago.  It was actually love at first sight for a landscape architect like me.  I fell in love with the city the minute I saw it from the plane's window.  The city lights are all lined up orderly and I could see the road hierarchy clearly.  It is an amalgam of new and vintage architecture as well as a nice blend of the city and nature.

The pics below were taken during  the day when I went to Lincoln Nature boardwalk to check the design, the park and the zoo.  It was quite cold but not uncomfortable enough to have a leisurely stroll.


Coat: DKNY
Ribbed turtleneck top:ZARA
Vertical striped trousers: H&M

Hanging out at the bridge with a nice view.
Cozy at the honeycomb structure.

Looking out at the river and grassland.

Nope! I wasn't looking for wifi though it sure looks like it.  I was taking a picture of a quaint house opposite the road. (The justification is the pic below 😁)

So till the next one loves!

All the love,
Sheri xxx