Sunday, June 16, 2013


Doesn't this jumpsuit look familiar?  It seems like something you can see down the road, doesn't it? The first time I saw this, it reminded me of a pedestrian crossing,you know those zebra lines you usually see at intersections, or perhaps a mental asylum uniform.  When I happened to stumble upon this pattern all over the magazines during the start of spring (H&M actually devoted a section of their lookbook for this pattern), I thought how on earth can I make it work with my style? And I got busy devising ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe 101.  Ergo, I accepted the challenge and bought this jumpsuit .  If you are wondering how was I able to get away with it? simple, I used a solid classic cut vest as an anchor for this trendy print.

JUMPSUT from Mango house
VEST Korean Brand
CLUTCH from Grade Tide Bag Shop
EARRINGS gift from a friend

 I wore this style for a birthday dinner treat of a friend.  I don't mind wearing a jumpsuit for a short period of time.  However, it is a big NO for me if it's a day-long event.  I just don't find it comfortable especially when I have to go to the loo.
 I streamed down my accessories to a pair of statement feathery earrings.  I got this as a birthday gift from another friend of mine. I figured that since the prints that I wore looks loud, I might as well tone the other things down so there, no necklace at all and neutral blush and gloss only.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gold and studs

Even though my profession is in the creative side, there are still times when we are required to don a corporate style every now and then.  This usually happens whenever we have client meetings or regional reviews where all the big bosses will be swarming in our office.  This was one of those days when I had to face a client thus explains the heels and the shift dress.  (and yes, this is a late post)

SHIFT DRESS from Dunnes
NECKLACE is from my office colleague (bday gift)
BELT from Fashion House
CLUTCH from my daughter's kiddie party lootbag 
HEELS from Steve Madden
I love how the gold studs seemed to make the rather classic cut of this shift dress into a more contemporary style.  And the gold belt gives the extra oomph and just change the mood of what could have been a very reserved outfit.

 The cuff bracelet and the statement necklace are also part of the blings given to me by my office colleagues.

 So that's it folks.   Till the next upload!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Independence Day Dinner

Every year, the Filipino Community Leaders of Guangzhou are invited to attend the Philippine Independence Day dinner sponsored by the Philippine Consulate here.  I have been attending this event ever since I became the president of  FILKAM(FLCOM GZ Camera Club)  except for last year because I had to deal with my new work and deadlines first.   This year's celebration was a blast as well...good food, good people, good performances and great patriotic spirit.

I dubbed this look La Femme because it seems so womanly with just the right touch of glitter and sophistication.  I was actually torn between this mullet chiffon dress and a long gown. In the end I opted for this since the weather nowadays is really unforgiving and I had the inkling feeling that most of the women will be wearing long skirts (yeah, that is the nonconformist in me speaking *wink*)

champagne colored beaded mullet cocktail chiffon dress from 2B by BEBE
rockstud shoes from Valentino
pearl necklace is a gift from a good friend of mine
pearl bracelet is from my mom
woven beige clutch with black accent from Grade Tide Bagshop (I got this bag for about 6 dollars only!)
 I went for a sparkling dewy look for this event.  I actually had about ten minutes to do this stuff since most of my time was spent on some dress fitting dilemma.  To cut the time short, I skipped the foundation entirely and just relied on the bb cream and the Benefit sheer coverage. I chose some neutral earth colors and then highlighted with lots of gold and sparkly stuffs.  Yes, I believe in the power of highlighters especially when you want to look good in pictures and you don't have the time to do picture perfect makeup. A highlighter instantly brightens the face when placed in correct locations.
PRIMER:Maybelline BB cream
FACE:Benefit girl meets pearl (I opted for a sheer glimmering look)
EYESHADOW:Urban Decay Naked palette in halfbaked,toasted and sin
EYELINERS:Makeup 4ever aqua eyeshadow in brown and MAC superslick liquid eyeliner in Gold
BLUSH:Dior blush
HIGHLIGHTER:Benefit High beam
LIPGLOSS:Clinique chubby stick in Melon and Dior Addict Lipgloss LA collection

below are some highlights of the said event...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Gatsby inspired

 For my post birthday thank you dinner, I thought of having the great Gatsby as our fashion inspiration.   However, we had to be quite careful with what we would wear because that day was also our Regional Creative review in our office (meaning we hadto find something that look 20's and yet can pass as office wear too since all the big bosses were going to be in our office).
so I wore something feminine and accessorize with lace and pearls as well as a Camellia bow on my hair.

pink lacy dress from MANGO HOUSE
black lace vest KOREAN BRAND
black tulle skirt KOREAN BRAND
shoes ZARA 
pearl necklace: GIFT FROM A FRIEND

the inspiration

The outfit
 the accessories

Happy birthday to me from AECOM PDD TEAM 2

They surprised me!  My colleagues just gave me a wonderful birthday surprise during my birthday last month (yes I am catching up with late post).we have been working so hard lately because of multiple deadlines and yet they managed to choose and buy these accessories oblivious to me. They know very well that i have this penchant for statement accessories and what surprised me more is that even the guys chose some blings(mind you,they chose very well). All I know is that i asked Nelsie to have coffee in the pantry for our coffee break and she led me to the library instead of the pantry. The next thing i knew is that i was already blowing a candle and there were desserts on the table. They read the bday card to me and told me to open their gift.imagine my grin when I saw those blings :).they even let me wore everything for photo-ops. I could not care less if i look like a Christmas tree(i wore a green cardi and skirt to office) with all these things hanging on me. I was so overwhelmed because they really took some time and effort (in spite of their busy skeds)to arrange this surprise for me.words are not enough to express my gratitude for making me feel special  that day.

 they even chose the elegant jewelry box and the black beaded band came from the dress of one of my colleagues' mother (yeah she told me that.)
 I was overjoyed upon seeing the contents of the box haha!

 who would not be happy seeing all these?
 I am the queen of blings!