Friday, March 11, 2016


the pool area

One of the perks of my day job is traveling.   I get to visit sites, stay in hotels and immerse myself in local cultures.  These pictures were taken the last time I went to Hangzhou for a project.  I did some case study visits at the side and one of the sites I went to is Amanfayun.

Located at the further end of west lake and on the mountain, the hotel is a restored old local village and a part of Hangzhou's preserved area.  Even the stone paving are local materials that have evolved with the village too.  It was one of the quietest walk I ever had; everything was serene and peaceful primarily because it is located just a stone throw away from a Buddhist temple.

Accessibility is an issue primarily because it is on the mountains and I did not really see any public transportation; in fact it will be quite difficult to find it if you are not with someone well versed with the place.  The location has both its pros and cons; accessibility, as I have mentioned is one of the constraints but this minuscule detail seems irrelevant once you realise that Amanfayun is nature at its finest.  If one really wants an authentic local, serene and raw natural experience, this is the place for you; but of course, it comes with a very hefty price tag.

ROOM RATES: vary from 800USD to 1200USD (starts at around 6500RMB)

the entry canopy

 villas' entries

path walks

another villa entry

tea house 

villa unit

tea house


another villa

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