Monday, April 22, 2013

i love summer!

if there is one season that I could live with forever, it would definitely be summer.  I am a beach bum and I don't really care if I get darker because of it as long as I have my sun.  Who could even resist the pristine shores of the beach? I can't for sure.  I love to watch the aquamarine waves touch and kiss the fine sands under my feet.  Below are my summer styles through the years.  I am a big fan of maxi dresses and sheer cover-ups.  As for the swimwear, I usually go for halter bikini tops (i am heavier on top) rather than bandeau type.  I tried it once and never repeated it again..:)

Sunday, April 14, 2013


After a week of gloomy weather, I am more than happy to see Mr. Sun again yesterday.  so I decided to welcome him with a colorful she-bang! I know the colors I had on were literally screaming but what the heck, I was ecstatic to experience some warmth again and I want it to show. 

pink cutout collar dress from Forever 21
jelly Cleo sandals from Sergio Rossi
microluggage bag by Celine
necklace/pink leather bracelets/colorful bangles from my kiddo (haha we share things)
aqua tennis bracelet from H&M
turquoise statement ring (gz flea market)

Friday, April 12, 2013


It was raining all week and I 've been wanting to use sneakers, but I couldn't because I don't feel comfortable wearing casual things unless it's Friday.  I try to keep my work clothes on every Monday to Thurs to avoid any trouble if a sudden client meeting come up.  So for Friday, I opted to wear something black accented with a bold graphic leggings.

black sweater from St. John
mullet top from bazaar gz
leggings from H&M
black nightingale bag from Givenchy
black wedge sneakers from Isabel Marant (christmas gift from husband)
accessories (ASOS, lucky brand)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hello schoolgirl!

"Hello schoolgirl" was what an office colleague of mine uttered when he saw me this morning at work.  True indeed, this outfit reminds me of school, with the girly tie front collar and headband. I also like the color.  One of the amazing thing about this outfit is the pair of shoes.  This pair actually just cost me around 2 dollars. astounding huh? I must admit that the color is quite ostentatious though....but I don't really care because I believe that we should color our lives once in a while.

what I wore:
Love 21 sheer blouse with tie front collar
dress worn as skirt by miss and she hongkong
bag by ralph lauren
shoes from a random GZ shop
headband belongs to my kiddo
earrings from Forever 21
bracelet by Gina Tricot

 necklace by gina tricot

the white version of the blouse at love 21

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Clothes with interesting details usually arouse my fascination.  The artist side of me tries to find something interesting on what others may dismiss as mundane.  I love how this sheer black top seems to be just a predictable sheer blouse from front and yet becomes more intricate as one gets a closer look.  The cold shoulder and lace details are just plain charming.  I partnered this with a frilly printed skirt to add some color and texture to the outfit.

 what I wore:
cold shoulder sheer top Korean brand (I cannot read the brand because it's Korean )
frilly foliage printed skirt from Topshop
black Marlene suede pumps from Roger Vivier
gray peek-a-boo tote from Fendi (a gift from my husband last 2011)
rings are from H&M and Forever 21
bracelets are from Forever 21 and some random accessories store here in GZ
earrings are from Bakers
black ribbon and chain necklace  from GZ

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chiffon and skater skirt

It is Tuesday chiffon day!  I have been fascinated by  sheer things lately; maybe because it is supposed to be spring season now- the right time to wear all these kind of sweet clothes.  However, the weather here in GZ is in its usual erratic element.  It has been raining a lot lately which I am not loving at all.  I only like rain when I can stay at home.  For today, I opted for the girly style so here's what I wore:

Chiffon bat wing sheer blouse from Korea
gray skater skirt from topshop
beasst (yeah that is the spelling!don't auto correct me blogger!)by Steve Madden
necklace from Shanghai
bracelet and ring from H&M
beige square earrings from Lia Sophia
gold clutch (giveaway bag from my daughter's glamrock party)

 necklace from shanghai

 accessories from H&M
 my daughter's glamrock party giveaway clutch bag
 Topshop skater skirt
earrings from Lia Sophia

Monday, April 8, 2013

Peplum and prints

First day of work after 4 days of holiday and still I am not ready to go back to office. Blame it on the gloomy weather.  It is slightly cold again and yet I refused to wear a coat.  So far it seems that I can still tolerate 16 degrees without a jacket.  I have been itching to wear this skirt for so long now but the weather just wouldn't cooperate with me thus explains the black tights.

peplum skirt by Forever 21
printed graphic top by Topshop
black booties by Guess
black shoulder bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Silver bangles by Forever 21
black bead with leopard detail bracelet by H&M
black obi belt from Shiqiao Flea Market

Sunday, April 7, 2013


A pair of jellies is just perfect for summer and also rainy days.  This lovely style trend has appeared and reappeared countless times since I was born.  I have seen different adaptations of this style which was said to had been pioneered by a French shoemaker due to leather shortage.  I remember those cute GUESS glittered jelly shoes when I was in high school up to the adorable wedgies that Melissa has popularized.  I actually bought the scarfun summer wedge by Alexandre Herchcovitch for Melissa when I was still in Singapore.  I like it because I don't need to sacrifice style just because it is raining outside.:D

Below are the additions in my jelly family.  If Jerry Maguire had Dorothy Boyd at hello, this bright blue plastic thong  flipflops at Sergio Rossi had me at one glance.  I love the versatility of this pair of sandals. I can pair it with maxi dresses on summer and skinny jeans on rainy casual days.

Cute jelly item number 2 is the Zen girl flats by Viviene Westwood for Melissa.  Who could even resist this pair of awesome jellies? In fact, I got so smitten by them that I bought one for me and my kiddo (who is actually mini-me).

the last item posted here is my daughter's jelly wedge which is almost akin to my other Melissa wedge except for the additional strap. but this one is way cheaper because we got this for just about 5 dollars (big grin on my face!)

Zen Girl jelly flats by Viviene Westwood for Melissa

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Whoever says that he does not have one self portrait of himself is a freakin' liar. It just boils down to the frequency and quantity of selfies shots. Embrace yourself and be comfortable in your own skin because only then will you have the greater confidence to smack the world on the face whenever it throws rubbish on you.