Monday, February 29, 2016


It is a casual day for me at the office; no client meetings or presentation and I embrace this kind of day with open arms.  The thing is, it is bright and sunny today; only a bit of chill as well.  So I brought my  cotton boho dress out and paired it with a warmer jacket for comfort.
This dress was a gift from my aunt and came from India. Another plus is that I don't have to wear a scarf around my neck today so I used my leather belt as a choker.

printed dress from HINDAP (INDIA)
motorcycle jacket from H&M
boots from ALDO
leather belt used as a choker 
choker 2 from H&M
pandora bag from GIVENCHY
eyewear from MINISO

Sunday, February 28, 2016


sunny day

This edgy pants, or should I say culottes, is one of my favorite closet piece.   You can say that I like it so much because I am wearing it for winter even if it screams summer.  For me, comfort is important on the outfits I wear for office primarily because I move a lot and draw as well.  It will be difficult to draw and design when you have to think about your clothes as well. I like this ensemble because it is super comfortable as well as dressy enough for sudden office or client meetings.

white coat from MANGOHOUSE ONLINE
maroon culottes from H&M
gray ribbed turtleneck from ZARA
boots from ALDO
pashli mini red bag from 3.1 PHILLIP LIM 
eyewear from MARC JACOBS


Friday, February 26, 2016


A photo shoot session I have done with mini-me for her 11th birthday.  I did her make-up and styling too.  This was a part of a 3 themed shoot; one bohemian, another as a rockstar and then this one which is more like a chic girl in pink.


One of my favourite restaurants here in Guangzhou primarily because of their Mediterranean
 platter.  I am very fond of prosciutto and they have a great tasting one.  I like the location because it is on a rooftop garden in Taikoo Hui.  The ambiance is light and airy, actually true to its name "Element Fresh."  I recommend their pastas and appetizers.  Go for the Med platter if you can, you won't regret it.  The portobello mushrooms, sun- dried tomatoes and cheese are just mouthwatering.

seafood pasta


fresh summer spring rolls

Mediterranean platter

creamy pasta

me with Angel

me with mini-me during our elements fresh date

enjoying her mango smoothie

happy me while waiting for our food


one of the many  connecting bridges

This is a baby of mine that I have started from competition and then went through to construction. This was the first time that I had designed a hospital landscape and it was a high profile one.  There were lots of coordination meetings, press conferences, presentations and liaison with different consulting teams.  Indeed, it was a product of blood, sweat and tears.  I had spent countless sleepless nights because of design concepts and revisions, rushed deadlines as well as a demanding work  and coordination schedule.  I was not just the designer but I was doing project manager and director duties.  But all the efforts are worth it because this project won several awards.  The client wanted a rainforest in the middle of the hospital ,(the concept is a hospital within a garden,not a garden within a hospital) and that is what he got. I can see the forest now, about 4 years after its completion. This was also my first time to use gfrc timber for fire engine access(E.V.A) and I fell in love with the beauty of this material.too bad I haven't found it here in China.  Pictures are from the web.

the 4th and 5th level gardens

the green pavilion

the waterfalls at the basement atrium

me (9 years ago) with my drawings and design

Thursday, February 25, 2016


One of the things I look out for whenever I buy clothes is versatility.  I love thinking about endless possibilities of mixing and matching as well as how one clothe can transform to different function and styles. This gray dress from Victoria Beckham is one of it.  I think I have featured this in my blog already as one of my chosen empowering clothes in my powerdress series.  Now, I am featuring it as an outerwear.  The top to bottom back zipper allows it to look like a coat when you turn it around the other way.  I am not sure if it is meant to be used that way as well but I did it anyway. I paired it with a basic shift dress and off I go to another client presentation meeting again today.


gray dress used as outerwear from VICTORIA BECKHAM
black shift dress from ZARA
maroon turtleneck from H&M
scarf from GIVENCHY
knee high boots from ALDO
black structured bag from NINE WEST