Monday, May 30, 2016


Who said you can't combine a colourful top and a loud print?  I say you can as long as the colourful top is in a solid colour.  Some cool details like a zip metal front and a cold shoulder would not hurt either.  This top is actually a cropped one which I matched with a high waisted pants to make it more appropriate for work.  I couldn't barge into the office with my navel in full view right?  Baring the shoulders seem more acceptable, of course.

cropped top from H&M
striped pants from H&M
bag from NINE WEST (gift from Nelsie)
necklace from KARMA
wedge sandals from an ONLINE SHOP (sorry forgot the name)
eyewear from MINISO
earring from BRUZ (freebie during a Christmas party)


My husband had a ball teasing me about this vest.  He said I can double as a barista for Starbucks during lunch time since my vest looks like a part of the famous brand's iconic logo.  Amidst his relentless teasing, I stood firm on wearing it. :)  Well because I like the freshness of it.  It reminds me of the season that I have a penchant for; yeah, summer that is!

A long vest is actually a versatile pieces because one  can wear it with different clothes and it will still look good.  It can transform into a more business like feel when paired with classic pants or a jumpsuit like in this featured ensemble or it can evoke a resort-like feeling when paired with maxis and frilly dresses.

long vest from H&M
jumpsuit from H&M
faye bag from CHLOE
babouche from CELINE
eyewear from MIU MIU
choker from ALYSSA
bracelet from VAN CLEEF & ARPELS
earrings from my mom
watch from LOCMAN

Friday, May 20, 2016


There are times when I just like to dress up more corporate regardless if I have a meeting or not.  I usually do this when I want to uplift my mood because what I wear for the day actually affects my mood most of the time.  I tend to make more effort in dressing up whenever I am tired or had an almost all nighter the night before.  This cape has been in my closet for almost a year now until I decided to wear it today.  i just couldn't find the right pants to go along with it until this pair came along; and I do think that the tailored cut of this pants fits the cape perfectly.  I had to wear heels though or else I will be sweeping the floors because it is a tad longer than it is supposed to be. (and I am too lazy to bring it to the tailor for cutting).

cape from ZARA
inner top from H&M (my kiddo's shirt)
pants from H&M
eyewear from MIU MIU
phantom bag from CELINE
necklace  from MARCUS (birthday gift before)
dangling earrings from GINA TRICOT
shoes from H&M
watch from LOCMAN
bangle from JACKY (birthday gift 2 years ago)


I certainly didn't think that at 36, I can still wear something like this.  The thing is, I wouldn't even have considered it when I was a lot younger primarily because I wouldn't have the guts to wear something as back revealing as this.  Heck, I did not even wear a two-piece swimsuit until I was married and had a child.  I guess, this confidence I have in me now comes with a more mature age and ripened by experience.  I can say that I am more confident in my own skin now; I may not be the ultra svelte woman but I know what works for me and what doesn't.  I am aware of what clothes can flatter me and what cannot compliment me.  It is a byproduct of mismatched things along the way but I learned from them; just likes the hurdles I encountered in life, it chiseled and sharpened me to a more courageous woman I am now.  So don't be afraid of getting older, because with age comes wisdom and with that comes a fiercer; a bolder and better you.

Jumpsuit from SOFIA
heels from an online shop 
faye bag from CHLOE


Working on a weekend usually entails casual clothing.  My getup during this time is usually a more relaxed form of my workclothes.  I isually go for prints and more comfortable textiles.  This pair of pants is actually my grandmother's own and was given to me a few years ago.  I think it is about more than 10years old already.

Brown top from PULL & BEAR
Pants from my grandmum
Sandals from online
Earrings from FOREVER 21
Eyewear from MINISO

Sunday, May 15, 2016


An edgy ensemble for a Friday work look.  Usually, if I want an elegant black look, I will go for gold accents and accessories.  On the other hand, if I want to go for an edgy and relaxed black aura, I go for silver like the stuffs featured here.  Since I paired this dress with gladiator sandals; it almost goes without saying that silver is the best way to accessorise it.

black dress from KOREAN ONLINE SHOP
gladiator sandals from CHINESE ONLINE SHOP 
cross necklace from my daughter's stuffs
silver chain necklace from LUXESHOP
cuff bangles from H&M
pandora bag from GIVENCHY
watch from LOCMAN


I told you I love colours.  This outfit embodies me and my "chill" mode.  I will usually wear this on a day out with friends or a family vacation.  I have always loved dresses especially maxis mainly because donning it usually ends up looking stylish without exerting so much effort.  The colourful cardigan is something I took from my mum's closet and brought back here in Guangzhou.

maxi dress from MANGO HOUSE
blue cardigan from my mum
wedge sandals from EXADIA ONLINE
tote bag from CELINE
eyewear from MIU MIU
bangles from WWW
necklace from WWW
earrings from H&M