Sunday, August 28, 2016

FEEL THE FUNK (a DiscoGlam event)

After the success of the Great Gatsby themed party that our EE team had style the last time, we ventured into another creative theme for succeeding annual spring dinner.  We actually brainstormed about a lot of ideas (from angels, to Olympus and other themes) until I came up with a disco theme.  However, I didn't want it to be those retro disco themed event.  I wanted it to be more classy; something like a Studio 54 party.  And like a lightbulb, the idea finally popped up inside my head and I was able to pinpoint exactly what I wanted-- the DiscoGlam  era.  It is funky but classy; something with lots of shine and sequins.  I pitched the idea to the team and our ball started rolling.

I was the event stylist again (as well as costume stylist and overall hair and makeup look stylist).  I was in charge of the creative decor so I conceptualised the stage design; the centre pieces and even the table numbers (the use of real vinyl for the table numbers); graphic direction for the graphic team and event colors.  Initially, I wanted a black and gold based graphics but we already used that for the Gatsby party.  Finally, we voted for shades of blue, violet and silver.

As for the centrepieces, I didn't want to use any flowers mainly because they were way off the theme and I had a hard time setting up all flower centrepieces  the year before (It hurts when you have to cut all the stalks and arrange the flowers using just plain scissors; even for just 1 vase and I had to do all 14 tables the last time).  So this time, I thought about having a mirror ball with a lighted vase bottom. I managed to reuse the tall vases we had during the Gatsby party and bought battery operated led lights for each one of it.  Initially, there were some questions with the stability of the mirror balls on top of the vases but as long as the vases were bottom-heavy, then I did not encounter any problem with them falling off.  The vases were filled with gel stones and water so each one was really heavy.  It was actually easier this time because I actually had a logistic team who helped in the installation of things.  I just needed to make a sample and they installed the rest while I just checked everything.

I chose a midnight blue for the table clothes to further emphasize the led light glows on the centrepieces.  I would have wanted silver for the chair covers but the hotel did not have that color so I settled for a light champagne shade instead.  I thought of using real vinyl records for the table numbers and ordered from a Chinese online site  (1 rmb each only).  These were really old ones and then I asked the graphic team to use the sadirection we had for the invitation posters and apply it into the table numbers and seat tags.  I got some picture frame holder from IKEA as the vinyl stand.

The disco ball is still the concept behind the stage design.  It was a last minute quick design I made the night before we had to meet up with the stage contractor.  It could have been better with more intricate lighting but this was like the most of what our budget can allow.

The general look of the dancers and emcees followed the look book I have provided;sequins and shimmer are the common theme for the night.

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