Friday, February 19, 2016

The military jacket

It have been raining all day today so pardon me for doing these shots inside the house.  This outfit is what I actually wore to work today.  It is a little bit more relaxed than my usual office meeting attire but heck, it is Friday and ergo, it is a casual day for me.  This suits me just fine because I don't really want to go out dressed to the nines and then end up having a hard time traveling from home to work; that will be  an uncomfortable one hour or more to endure.

For this get-up, I actually stole my hub's jacket to complete the look.  That is the beauty of being a woman because you can actually wear men's clothes and no one will raise their eyebrows on you.  I paired the structured jacket with my camel colored cullottes and a comfy sweatshirt I found in one of the night markets here in Guangzhou about 4 years ago.  Too bad that night market closed because I found a lot of good bargains thrift shopping there.

olive green military style jacket stolen from the husband
teal blue sweater turtleneck with mustard lining detail from a Guangzhou night market 
camel cullottes from H&M
Amazon weekend bag from LOEWE
boots from H&M

I love the fact that men's jacket has a lot of interior pockets; perfect for someone like me.

this bag carries my work laptop,toiletries, lunch in one!

Fridays are meant to be casual wear days

still feeling a little under the weather though; I just recovered from sickness yet again.

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