Monday, December 7, 2015

A stroll at Lincoln Park

I spent the latter part of the autumn at the beautiful city of Chicago.  It was actually love at first sight for a landscape architect like me.  I fell in love with the city the minute I saw it from the plane's window.  The city lights are all lined up orderly and I could see the road hierarchy clearly.  It is an amalgam of new and vintage architecture as well as a nice blend of the city and nature.

The pics below were taken during  the day when I went to Lincoln Nature boardwalk to check the design, the park and the zoo.  It was quite cold but not uncomfortable enough to have a leisurely stroll.


Coat: DKNY
Ribbed turtleneck top:ZARA
Vertical striped trousers: H&M

Hanging out at the bridge with a nice view.
Cozy at the honeycomb structure.

Looking out at the river and grassland.

Nope! I wasn't looking for wifi though it sure looks like it.  I was taking a picture of a quaint house opposite the road. (The justification is the pic below 😁)

So till the next one loves!

All the love,
Sheri xxx

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