Tuesday, May 22, 2018

SoCal Goodness

I know I have been in hibernation for quite a while.  Sorry for the backlogs, folks!  Moving across another continent and flying through 3 countries surely took a slight dent on me. Add tons of turnover work, moving stuffs and dogs around to that and it was a surefire mayhem. So this is me again saying hello and how have you been. :-)   I am now back in the sunshine state and currently soaking up that good 'ole California sunshine.

For starters of what I have been up to since I arrived, we went for a drive-by at La Cresta Equestrienne Estates up in the mountains.  I wore my ever reliable LBD and dressed it down a bit by throwing a denim jacket (which was a good choice because it was a bit chilly that day in spite of the sunshine.) and some classic Italian boots.  The husband actually liked the place and as always, we were in awe of how vast the land cuts are out there.  It is surely a place I will come back to again and again.  I won't ever get tired of the views.

black backless dress from URBAN OUTFITTERS (bought on sale during my Chicago trip)
denim jacket from ROBERTO CAVALLI
black leather boots from KEEP ORIGINALS VERO CUOIO (Italian handmade leather boots from Italy; a gift from my mother-in-law)
navy pierced bag from  JW ANDERSON
rosegold cuff from KENZO (freebie when you buy the Kenzo World perfume)
rosegold mini slim watch from MICHAEL KORS

It was actually a tad chilly.

A newly built house

what a view!
a vineyard right at your garden

it looks like somewhere from Europe

a house with a very big lot

another vineyard backyard

cottage style

scenic roads

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