Thursday, March 3, 2016


I am like weeks advance into the spring season.  Since the weather is beginning to be good to me-- you know sunny and a little bit warmer than these past few weeks;  I have decided to wear some color today.  I like this color a lot primarily because it complements my olive skintone.  I can go casual for work today since I have no meetings at all; although I have my team dinner later in the evening.  I threw in this structured brown jacket just in case something business like comes up out of the blue.  The jacket was a gift from my hubby.  I have been eyeing for quite a while and I was surprised to see it hanging in my closet last night when I arrived home.  This one has a detachable underlayer for a colder weather.  As I have said before,  I am usually fascinated by clothes that can transform itself.  This one is also one of those kinds.  When the underlayer is attached, it changes into a more rugged look while when it is detached, it looks more of a basic business trench coat.  And one more thing, this coat is actually in the men's section.

brown trench coat by DRAGON LION DESIGN COUTURE
apricot top from ZARA
color block skirt from MANGOHOUSE
caleen boots from ISABEL MARANT
bag from CELINE
choker 1 is my leather belt
choker 2 from H&m 
long necklace from H&M
eyewear from MARC JACOBS

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