Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Coronado Island

It was not officially summer yet when we went to this beautiful Coronado Island.  It was a tad cold but thank heavens for the sun's warmth in spite of the chilly winds.  Coronado is definitely my vibe and I like it more than the other beaches we had visited here in SoCal throughout the summer.  And of course, me, being the summer girl that I am, was more than ready to start wearing all my summer clothes.   

When I was a lot younger and thinner, I used to be so self-conscious of wearing cropped tops.  Being an Asian and growing up in a predominantly conservative culture in the Philippines during my time, showing your belly is not always appropriate.  Fast forward to the present and after residing outside the Phil for quite a while, my body views have changed a lot.  I am more comfortable now with what I am given with and I will wear what I want especially if I know that it works for me.

So here I am wearing my bikini top as part of my ensemble and I don't really give a helluva of a damn if I am not slim enough to rock this top.  I made it work somehow by wearing a high-waisted pants. Girls, don't be afraid to experiment on some style with your body type.  Having a fuller body built does not mean that you are limited to wearing big- sized tees and dresses. You just have to know and see for yourself what looks good on you and your body. Always remember to love what is given to you and surely enough, self care and confidence altogether exude beauty too.

cropped bikini top from COCOBEACH
striped pants from H&M
hat from H&M

At Hotel del Coronado

Tidelands Park

with the hubs

beautiful Coronado Shores

White Sands

summer scene

Tidelands park

the Hotel

Coronado shores

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