Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chiffon and skater skirt

It is Tuesday chiffon day!  I have been fascinated by  sheer things lately; maybe because it is supposed to be spring season now- the right time to wear all these kind of sweet clothes.  However, the weather here in GZ is in its usual erratic element.  It has been raining a lot lately which I am not loving at all.  I only like rain when I can stay at home.  For today, I opted for the girly style so here's what I wore:

Chiffon bat wing sheer blouse from Korea
gray skater skirt from topshop
beasst (yeah that is the spelling!don't auto correct me blogger!)by Steve Madden
necklace from Shanghai
bracelet and ring from H&M
beige square earrings from Lia Sophia
gold clutch (giveaway bag from my daughter's glamrock party)

 necklace from shanghai

 accessories from H&M
 my daughter's glamrock party giveaway clutch bag
 Topshop skater skirt
earrings from Lia Sophia

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