Sunday, May 1, 2016


A glimpse of the bamboo bridge

water feature in between buildings

a view of the bridge from the lobby entry

the scenic view of Nankun Mountain

A spa resort that is on top of a mountain? Why not?  Cross waters ecolodge and spa is truly a resort at one with nature.  Located on the slopes of Nankun Mountain, it took me about 2-3 hours to reach this place from Guangzhou.  But everything was worth it even the travel time because of the breathtaking scenic views.  The place is surrounded with verdant evergreen forest, in fact, with a 96.6 green coverage.  It is truly a haven undisturbed by pollution and noise.  Cross waters name is derived from the fact that it is actually located in a junction of two rivers; Gangkangmei and Sumaoping rivers to be exact.  It is also famous for being a preserved area as well as for using indigenous bamboo as part of its architectural character.  I went here with my team mates for both landscape architectural and building case study.

The bamboo bridge at the entrance is indeed a sight to behold.  The intricate patterns yet warm ambiance provided a pleasant welcome experience.  The pure design of the water features encourages the quiescent surrounding even more.
the entry court

the bamboo bridge
They actually have a good selection of villas ranging from single storey to luxury river villas.  If one wishes to be away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle, then this is one place to be.  Though  my colleagues and I did not really stay the night here, we were able to explore its nature trails and forest areas as well as try their green cuisine.  The cuisine is great too; enough to satisfy the demands of a picky and hungry stomach like mine.  Someday, I would like to go back here again and stay the night; to have a quick weekend retreat away from the restless city life.

RATES:195 TO 1200 USD (1500-9300HKD; 9200-56400PHP)
a river villa

a view of one villa from the shaded path walk
entrance to one of the river villas

a single storey villa

entry to a stepped nature trail

one of the many scenic views around the place
an observation tower


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