Saturday, April 6, 2013

The make-up addict

My love affair with make-up started way back in high-school...a little touch of eyeliner here and there until it came to a point where one of my teachers told me not to use any.(i came from a strict Catholic school which does not endorse these kind of stuffs during high school). College came and I was so excited that I can use my make-ups more freely. I remember my first day at UP where I wore that certain dark plum shade from L'Oreal. That lipstick became a staple for me during my goth glam days. Short hair and dark plum lips for the rest of the freshman year. Next came my bronzer fetish. I was so obsessed with my bodyshop bronzer then and I used it even when summer season was way over. There were a lot of fixations after these two, i had a neutral phase wherein i would not use any color at all on my face; the liquid eyeliner era where i refused to go out without it and it caused me a lot of appointment tardiness.:D

I actually research on ways to apply make-up or even the latest trends. I love doing make-ups not only on me but on other people as well. Friends and relatives usually ask me to do their make-ups on special occasions and events. I don't mind doing these things because I'm quite passionate about this.

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