Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hello schoolgirl!

"Hello schoolgirl" was what an office colleague of mine uttered when he saw me this morning at work.  True indeed, this outfit reminds me of school, with the girly tie front collar and headband. I also like the color.  One of the amazing thing about this outfit is the pair of shoes.  This pair actually just cost me around 2 dollars. astounding huh? I must admit that the color is quite ostentatious though....but I don't really care because I believe that we should color our lives once in a while.

what I wore:
Love 21 sheer blouse with tie front collar
dress worn as skirt by miss and she hongkong
bag by ralph lauren
shoes from a random GZ shop
headband belongs to my kiddo
earrings from Forever 21
bracelet by Gina Tricot

 necklace by gina tricot

the white version of the blouse at love 21

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