Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy birthday to me from AECOM PDD TEAM 2

They surprised me!  My colleagues just gave me a wonderful birthday surprise during my birthday last month (yes I am catching up with late post).we have been working so hard lately because of multiple deadlines and yet they managed to choose and buy these accessories oblivious to me. They know very well that i have this penchant for statement accessories and what surprised me more is that even the guys chose some blings(mind you,they chose very well). All I know is that i asked Nelsie to have coffee in the pantry for our coffee break and she led me to the library instead of the pantry. The next thing i knew is that i was already blowing a candle and there were desserts on the table. They read the bday card to me and told me to open their gift.imagine my grin when I saw those blings :).they even let me wore everything for photo-ops. I could not care less if i look like a Christmas tree(i wore a green cardi and skirt to office) with all these things hanging on me. I was so overwhelmed because they really took some time and effort (in spite of their busy skeds)to arrange this surprise for me.words are not enough to express my gratitude for making me feel special  that day.

 they even chose the elegant jewelry box and the black beaded band came from the dress of one of my colleagues' mother (yeah she told me that.)
 I was overjoyed upon seeing the contents of the box haha!

 who would not be happy seeing all these?
 I am the queen of blings!

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