Sunday, June 16, 2013


Doesn't this jumpsuit look familiar?  It seems like something you can see down the road, doesn't it? The first time I saw this, it reminded me of a pedestrian crossing,you know those zebra lines you usually see at intersections, or perhaps a mental asylum uniform.  When I happened to stumble upon this pattern all over the magazines during the start of spring (H&M actually devoted a section of their lookbook for this pattern), I thought how on earth can I make it work with my style? And I got busy devising ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe 101.  Ergo, I accepted the challenge and bought this jumpsuit .  If you are wondering how was I able to get away with it? simple, I used a solid classic cut vest as an anchor for this trendy print.

JUMPSUT from Mango house
VEST Korean Brand
CLUTCH from Grade Tide Bag Shop
EARRINGS gift from a friend

 I wore this style for a birthday dinner treat of a friend.  I don't mind wearing a jumpsuit for a short period of time.  However, it is a big NO for me if it's a day-long event.  I just don't find it comfortable especially when I have to go to the loo.
 I streamed down my accessories to a pair of statement feathery earrings.  I got this as a birthday gift from another friend of mine. I figured that since the prints that I wore looks loud, I might as well tone the other things down so there, no necklace at all and neutral blush and gloss only.

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