Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Amanda de Cadenet collection at Warby Parker

Being mostly a night owl and an architect, I have spent countless sleepless nights labouring over designs and drawings thereby usually causing severe consequences for me on the next morning. Intense sunlight makes me all the more sleepy and grotesque under-eye circles just won't cut it for presentation meetings.  This is why a pair of sunglasses is actually a necessity for me.  It is more than a fashion statement; it helps me cope with the dreaded aftermath of a sleep deprived night.

But of course, having a stylish eyewear is a major plus for me.  This is where the Amanda de Cadenet eyewear collaboration with Warby Parker comes in.  And yes, you read it right people - Amanda de Cadenet, the multi-talented TV personality who heads her own production company as well as writes, directs, creates and hosts TV and online shows, have teamed up with Warby Parker to come up with a drool worthy frame collection of spectacles and sunglasses.  This is also Warby Parker's way of supporting Amanda in her latest venture, #girlgaze which I  am all for as well especially since I am into photography.  #girlgaze is a multi-media digital community that acts as a platform and showcase the ways in which girls see the world.

The eyewear frame collection is comprised of Silvan and Ella, and come in both optical and sunwear versions.  Both are crafted in cellulose acetate and are named after Amanda's twins.

Ella is an optical frame that comes in a jet black color, adorned with bold gold accents on the frame's temple. Amanda's daughter Ella chose the black frames hence the name.  The frames evoke a classic crisp look, perfect for that modern preppy style.  The jet black color, coupled with the gold accents, contributes to the overall elegance and sophistication of the frame thereby making it appropriate for my business meetings, client presentations and the likes.  More so, black has always been a very versatile hue, and this frame easily transcends from being a very "serious style" eyewear into a more "casual look" accessory.  Whatever your style preference is , surely, this frame will fit in every way.

Silvan, which was name after Amanda's son, comes in peony which is the signature pink colour of #girlgaze.  It can be an optical frame or can come with the silver reflective lens as sunglasses.  I am particularly fond of the youthfulness and vivacity of this frame.  The quirky colour and style are reminiscent of those ultra chic retro-modern eyewear.   Those pair of reflective silver lenses just make the look even more neoteric and upbeat. The frame's style and colour reflect a certain creative lifestyle.  I can see myself pairing this with a very artsy outfit while checking out an art district and street artists' works.

The collection comes out today and each frames start at $95.  And the best part that I like with Warby Parker is that with every  eyewear that is purchased, a pair is also given to someone in need through their partnership with non profit organisations like VisionSpring. Buying a high quality eyewear at a decent price has never been easier and being able to help at the same time is just simply awesome, isn't it?  

So come on and grab a pair at their website or their retail locations all over US.  It will be a purchase you'll surely won't regret.

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