Saturday, February 20, 2016

Elan Hills

This is a show flat right here in Guangzhou which I have designed the landscape.  I call this the Versace show flat primarily because the interior reminds me so much of the late designer's designs for  home stuffs.
I was told to create a luxurious space within a very tight space and budget.  As with most residential projects out here, designers are usually instructed to make everything appear opulent with minimal budget.  Yes, we do magic. :)

the water feature with a Venetian touch

entry ( the original design have steps in front. It used to have a 1.5m elevation difference but sometime during construction, they have changed the road's level.) it would have had a more dramatic feeling if the grade change is still there.

the water cascade isn't turned on.  Water flows from the sculpture base down to the gravel area.  

the living room

I love this yellow chair.  It gave the otherwise formal room some pizzaz.

This lounge and the bag on top of it are goals.

me while looking at the reflective ceiling of the pavilion I designed

the pavilion
The steps leading to the hill

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