Sunday, April 2, 2017


Hooray! I am back after about 2 months of absence in the blogging world.  The last time I published a blog post was the night before I left for sunny California.  Sorry but I've been quite busy for a while;  doing "tourist" stuffs while in America and then catching up with work when I got back here in Guangzhou.  So here is the first of the many series from my recent US trip and I will bring you to quite a number of cities and of course, a whole lotta OOTDs.  

These pics were taken a few days after  I arrived in Wildomar, California and honestly, these were the days when I was still a bit jet lagged from the trip and the time zone difference.  California is really beautiful and those clouds and blue skies almost seem too good to be true.  Everything was so blue!  Weather was a bit chilly though, I had to wear a jumper under a leather jacket to keep me warm.  But it was nothing I couldn't handle.

gray jumper from H&M
black biker jacket from a Chinese online store
charcoal gray jogger pants from H&M
Pandora sling bag from Givenchy
eyewear from Miniso
knee high boots from Bootsies

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