Monday, April 3, 2017


quaint house

old chapel

the blue house

gorgeous street

and peaceful too

Murrieta is one of the twin cities (the other one being Temecula) in South California.  It may not be as famous as Los Angeles or San Diego but honestly, I love it more here (whether Temecula, Wildomar or Murrieta) than LA or San Diego.  The city has its own charm and did remind me of Oak Park in Chicago where the quaint houses are and trees lined up both sides of the street.  I love it even more that they are able to preserve a part of their city history.  If you are into a quiet suburban life but still close to the city and amenities, then surely you will enjoy Murrieta.  Picturesque views are just everywhere, whether you are driving or just taking a leisure walk.

looks like a French Provence house

quiet and simple life

red house

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