Sunday, January 17, 2016

Majestic Oakpark

Being a Landscape Architect by profession, a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's house is a must. So we traveled all the way to Oak Park Illinois to take a look at the renowned architect's home and early works.  Thanks to my good friend Joseph who made this trip possible.  It was about an hour long drive from Chicago but the trip was well worth it.

We were greeted by the commanding presence of a giant Ginkgo biloba tree.  The tree was beyond beautiful but the smell was actually revolting... the kind that sticks to your shoes and brings the smell inside the car.

The splendid Ginkgo tree
We had our house tour of the famous Architect's house and it was like a virtual playground  to me.  However, I still like the latter years of Wright's design more than these initial designs.

Frank Lloyd Wright's house

the kitchen with canvas walls and paper rice lights

 Below are some of his initial designs too near his home.

 and then here is moi...busy with my camera and information digestion.  I wanted to wear my comfy culottes in spite of the cold weather here.  I just made sure I was wearing a pair of leggings and knee-high boots underneath to keep myself warm.

busy photographer
and of course, my ootd shot

OUTER WEAR:  Navy blue coat bought from an online shop
TOP: black turtleneck from Uniqlo
BOTTOMS: Red Culottes from H&M
SHOES:Knee high boots from Aldo
BAG: Givenchy Pandora

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