Sunday, June 5, 2016


amazed by the roller coaster

I visited Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai (almost Coloane, Macau) which is said to be  the biggest ocean park in the whole world yesterday. It was indeed an interesting trip that I will probably blog about one of these days.  However, it was also a very tiring one-thanks to the sweltering heat and then the sudden thunderstorm in the afternoon.  I knew beforehand that it might be a gruelling hot day because summer is just around the corner here in China.  In times like this, I make sure that what I wear won't get in the way of comfort or else I will end up feeling grumpy the whole day.  My mood changes if I end up sweating a lot under the sun or if I get tired from so much walking; no matter how interesting the place is.

So for this trip, I made sure to wear some cotton top and bottom.  I didn't want to wear a skirt because I want to be able to move around with ease so I chose a pair of culottes.  This bottom is actually a vintage one; a hand me down from my grams a few years before she passed away.  I did not want to wear a tank top primarily because this trip is a part of a company related trip so I still wanted to look quite presentable at some point.  Thus, I chose this cold shoulder top.

cold shoulder top from ALORA
culottes from my grandma
bag from GIVENCHY
flats from SHISHANG
eyewear from MINISO
choker from ACCESSORIZE
necklace with cross pendant from ESHA

like a little mermaid scene(the overhead aquarium and yup, that is a whale so just imagine the sheer mammoth size of this thing!)

more whales

the polar ride

the giant led screen

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