Saturday, July 30, 2016


 "Your other clothes are in the other bedroom because your closet is already full! so please stop buying clothes anymore."  

Those were the words of my husband last week after seeing my tiny weeny closet dilemma.  I have no more space inside our bedroom's closet hole and right now, my clothes have already colonised the wardrobe in the guest bedroom while my shoes are in the other spare room.  I have been telling myself that I will convert the spare room closest to the master's as a proper walk-in wardrobe but I haven't really had the time to do so.  Okay, okay... I must admit that I am not the organised type as well when it comes to these kind of stuffs; heck! I could not even pack a proper luggage myself whenever I need to go on a business trip.

Moreover, living in a country where there are four seasons is usually a typical recipe for wardrobe disaster.  All those thick, furry coats and boots should have  proper places for storage; somewhere where they can be well taken care of while they are not in season yet.  A closet extension space where everything is well organised.

This is exactly the concept of MakeSpace; an on-demand storage service that can pick-up, stores and deliver any of  my needed stuffs.  Surely, this is like heaven on earth for any "clothes-a-holic" like me who needs help with a very messy closet space.  If only they will expand soon in Asia. But for you in the US, there is no need to despair as they have several locations near you for sure.  Check out the link to find one that is around your area.

But first, let me give you an idea of my dream closet space with these images below.

picture from pinterest

picture from pinterest

picture from pinterest

My dream closet is actually very modern and sleek.  I am not particularly fond of those frilly and girly ones; mine borders into a very masculine design with basic shapes and solid basic hues.  Marble will be a nice sophisticated accent and maybe one plush couch in it is enough.  You can clearly see that it is not one of  those types of closet with overflowing things in it; it should house only the stuffs I need for the season.  And of course some classic must haves that will surely be permanent staples inside my wardrobe.

basic black Burberry London Headington Peplum Jacket, which I will probably pair with a maxi dress and a rocking pair of boots.  I am a big Rachel Zoe fan because I can relate more to her style (rock boho chic).

the Loewe puzzle bag which can be worn 5 ways

YSL rock ankle boots

So how do I get to a streamlined closet space knowing fully well that I have lots of stuffs right now?  I guess the first step to achieve this very sleek closet space is to declutter.  I need to decide what stays for the time-being and what goes into the MakeSpace storage.  In this way, I can determine the extended closet space I need and decide on the flexible storage sizes that MakeSpace actually offers.

And with just a phonecall, they can come to pick up my stuffs as well as deliver it back to me anytime I need it.  That is just rad and a no sweat organising method! So come on MakeSpace, I am really looking forward to your Asia expansion! ...but until then, be sure to check out their self storage locations as they're constantly updating. :)

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