Friday, July 22, 2016


I haven't really updated my make-up stash for quite a while so I figured it is about time.  There have been this latest craze about contouring  and stippling so I thought, why not try a more serious contouring set?  I have a small H&M contour kit before that I bought in HK (H&M in China don't sell make-up) and it is about to hit the pan.  I have been hearing about the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand so I decided to try it along with Urband Decay's Naked 3 (I have Naked 1 and 2 and I am really satisfied with the shades of this products from UD).  As for the Kylie lip kits, I don't think they deserve any introduction anymore because everyone knows about it; in fact, it was bloody difficult to get hold of these stuffs because they are always sold out. I was finally able to get Dolce K and Koko K and I am happy with these for now.  They smell so much like vanilla ice-cream, I almost wanna eat them.

Below are the looks I have tried with these stuffs here.

 I am not the heavy contouring kind of gal, I have a high cheekbone and contouring it heavily will make me look like I've been punched on the face. So I used Anastasia BH cream contour kit and the nyx wondertick. For the eyeshadow, I used naked 3 (factory,mugshot,darkside and blackheart, yup 4 shades).i used technic blusher for my cheeks and mixed maybelline colorsensation and wet and wild lipstick for the lips. i did not use any foundation. I only used a bb cream from Japan (a brand I don't know because the font characters are in Japanese) and a covergirl concealer. Lastly, I dusted some wet and wild bronzer and a dab of h&m cream highlighter

KOKO K on my lips

a mix of DOLCE K and KOKO K on my lips

swatches: DOLCE K AND KOKO K

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