Friday, July 22, 2016


Did I ever mention that summer here in Guangzhou is very unforgiving?  If I did, well I am telling it again and if I haven't yet, then now, I am informing you.  Summer here is different because one has to adjust to the humidity in addition to the sweltering heat.  It can make one sweat so bad even with just a very small distance of walking under the sun.  That is why I never go out without my mini fan and facial mist spray even for lunch breaks.

So because of this, I have to plan my wardrobe lately based on any comfort I can get this summer.  Shorts used to be a no-no for me when it comes to work clothes.  I just feel that it is too casual already.  But I figured that if I mix it with the right top and accessories, then it can be as classy as other workwear.  Here, I paired my shorts with a basic top, a work blazer and a pair of nude pumps.  I just took the blazer off when work was over.

blazer from H&M
gray top from H&M
black shorts from ZARA
pumps from VALESKA
trapeze bag from CELINE
eyewear from MARC JACOBS

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