Friday, May 6, 2016


If only it is easy to wear a jumpsuit to work, I will gladly wear it everyday.  However, the reality is, it isn't especially if I have to wear it for more than  8 hours straight (yeah, I work long hours especially if I have an upcoming deadline).  I can live with wearing it once in a while though; I just have to strategise more on my trips to the loo :-)

I love the sophisticated feel of this jumpsuit.  If I won't be wearing it to work, then maybe I will lose the inner black top and have a plunging neckline instead for a more edgy and sexier vibe.  But since it is for work, I don't want to worry about my neckline while I am drawing or doing work stuffs.  I used a polished gold belt for some accent since it is an all black ensemble.

black jumpsuit from H&M
belt from LUXESHOP
bag from NINE WEST
shoes from H&M
minimal baroque eyewear from PRADA
choker from MLX
watch from LOCMAN

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