Friday, May 20, 2016


There are times when I just like to dress up more corporate regardless if I have a meeting or not.  I usually do this when I want to uplift my mood because what I wear for the day actually affects my mood most of the time.  I tend to make more effort in dressing up whenever I am tired or had an almost all nighter the night before.  This cape has been in my closet for almost a year now until I decided to wear it today.  i just couldn't find the right pants to go along with it until this pair came along; and I do think that the tailored cut of this pants fits the cape perfectly.  I had to wear heels though or else I will be sweeping the floors because it is a tad longer than it is supposed to be. (and I am too lazy to bring it to the tailor for cutting).

cape from ZARA
inner top from H&M (my kiddo's shirt)
pants from H&M
eyewear from MIU MIU
phantom bag from CELINE
necklace  from MARCUS (birthday gift before)
dangling earrings from GINA TRICOT
shoes from H&M
watch from LOCMAN
bangle from JACKY (birthday gift 2 years ago)

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