Friday, April 7, 2017


It was a very nice morning when we headed out to check Lake Elsinore after going to church.  It was a tad chilly but nevertheless, the sun was up and shining, so that made my day.  Lake Elsinore is just right next to Wildomar and I am telling you, the place is really gorgeous.  I mean, they have a lake a historical downtown, and beautiful sceneries--all the primary components of a must see tourist spot.  However, it could benefit even more from a lot of Landscape Architecture  and Planning to maximise the town's potential, and eventually make a mark as a tourist destination.  My Aunt said that it had its glory days a long time ago. In fact, it used to be really frequented by tourists.  I do wish it can bring back its brilliance once again one of these days.

black turtleneck from ZARA
striped wide legged pants from H&M
tote bag from COACH
eyewear from MIUMIU
Caleen boots from ISABEL MARANT

couldn't resist taking a shot

in action

how quaint can it be?

California living...palm-lined roads

the ortega mountains as the backdrop

plantation house

sea gulls

the lake

mini me frolicking at the lakeshore

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