Saturday, April 8, 2017


Welcome to the flamboyant display of luxury and entertainment; the dizzying throngs of people; the glitzy sparkling lights of the nightclubs and bars; the luxurious and pompous hotels' slash casinos' facades that try to lure you in for a night of merriment and gambling.  This is Las Vegas for me  - a city that screams everything in unbelievable extremes.  Like a beacon in the middle of the desert, its sparkling light never ceases to invite tourists in; no matter what age, race or face you have.  The language is money; the currency is the willingness to spend thousands of bucks inside it.

We went here on a family trip as a celebration for Uncle Paul's birthday as well as the kids' winter break.  They toured us around the strip and we got bedazzled by the Bellagio's water fountain show.  Apart from the beauty of the hotels' architecture and interior, Las Vegas confused me a lot.  It is a far cry from the quiet and simple life at SoCal area.  Everything was abuzz; everything was blaring and ostentatious.  Maybe I have reached that age when nights of partying are not my thing anymore.  I am done with that.  I prefer a quiet night of reading or writing, or more so, dining with good friends and family.  I felt that it was quite impossible to achieve that kind of night out in Vegas.  Yes, I can go to Vegas from time to time but frankly, I can't live there.  I don't have the adrenaline for that anymore.

The architecture of this place is something to return to, I must say.  Most of the hotels interiors are really jaw dropping marvellous. They have everything from renaissance inspired to contemporary metal cladded hotels and buildings.  It is just so difficult to get a good shot mainly because of the mammoth crowd.

orange coloured sweater from H&M
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