Saturday, April 8, 2017


I had the chance to visit a large orange orchard when I was in SoCal; and when I say large, it means a really....really massive farm that stretches from the valley up to the mountain.  We even had to ride the car just to reach some of the orange and lemon groves from the farm house.  I dared not to go up the mountain because I am not built for mountains anymore.  Sometimes, I could not even believe that I used to hike a lot when I was a whole lot younger.

The farm is owned by the lovely Uncle Ben and Aunt Marge Burgos, who hosted a sumptuous lunch for us as well.  The kids enjoyed the trip and frolicked around the "not-so-friendly to adults with back problems" areas.  The adults on the other hand enjoyed picking oranges, lemons, tangerines and blood oranges.  We even got to bring home a rather huge pumpkin!

shirtdress from H&M
black vest from WALMART'S  CLEARANCE SALE (yup!5 dollars only)
flared pants from HAIDUOYI
scarf from H&M (gift from a good friend)
bag from LUXE
caleen boots from ISABEL MARANT

with Blake

with my lovely Aunt Lou and Uncle Ben

yes, that is my tattooed arm

the Burgos, Almenana ,and Palisoc

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