Sunday, April 9, 2017


New York! The big apple or the city that never sleeps to some but for me, it is the home of my queens, S & B; the empire of Serena and Blair; the playground of Carrie Bradshaw,Samantha Jones. Charlotte York Goldenblatt and Miranda Hobbes; the home of Gossip Girl and Sex and the City.  I went for a quick trip (and when I said quick, I meant like a 3 days and 2 nights trip only) to visit my relatives here as well as have a brief look-see ( more like an amazing race) into the city.  I had so much in my itinerary but had so little time to go everywhere I had planned.  But I did make the most of my visit and you can watch out for all the amazing places in my future blog posts here.

I have always been told that New York is really cold so I actually came prepared.  But I was thankful that it was not snowing when I arrived or else, it would have been difficult to go to the places I had in mind.  And besides, cold weather and I don't really like each other.  So for this amazing race day 1, I picked a nice floral dress with a choker like neckline which is technically not for winter.  I carried a wool scarf in my bag just in case the temperature drops (and it did in the evening! and yeah I was still out that time dong skyline shots at Gantry park).  I paired the dress with black tights and mind you, I wore 2 tights and a pair of thigh high boots just to be sure.  It was a good thing because the sun was up most of the time so it kept us warm.

camel long coat from FOREVER 21
floral dress from H&M
thigh high boots from BOOTSIES
eyewear from COTTON ON
charcoal gray tote bag from STEVE MADDEN

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