Tuesday, March 8, 2016


This was a weekend getaway sponsored by my office.  Sheraton Lion Lake is a mediterranean inspired hotel right at Qingyuan lake, which is about 2 hours away from Guangzhou.  The stay I had here was very enjoyable and comfortable... Sheraton did not disappoint as usual.  They were pretty consistent with the design and the interiors; actually even to the smallest detail like the water tap faucet.  The ambiance seem to have transported me into a Middle Eastern Mediterranean country.

the foyer

the garden

front garden


a look into the buffet area

the terrace

enjoying the seat at the lobby

My room was huge with a very comfortable bed that made it difficult to get up in the morning.  The bathroom was even bigger in size than the room.  I could have a party in there, so to speak.  The room also has a little veranda where I had a splendid view of the lake.

the super large bed

me lounging at the veranda
Our activities were mainly zeroed into eating and swimming on their olympic size pool.  Their breakfast buffet spread is to die for.
soaking the sun

the pool

sweets for brekky

need I say more?

So if you are leaving around Guangzhou and want a quick getaway that takes you to another place and time, I suggest this place and I know you will love it.

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