Monday, March 21, 2016


I dread Mondays mainly because it means weekend is over. But to have a rainy Monday or more so a thunderstorm on a Monday is even far more grueling.  I opted to wear a pair of sneakers for comfort and ease of movement today. However, I cannot really go for that super rugged look mainly because I have to inyerview another applicant today and I have an office resourcing meeting.  So, i took my harlem jodhpurs jumpsuit and put a cozy turtleneck on it as well as folded the bottom edges for a more casual look.  I put a formal men's vest on it to give it more of a "smasual" vibe.  The pair of sneakers is actually my hisband's own; yup, the joy of having the same shoe size is that I can wear his sneakers.  I don't own a lot of rugged shoes because I just wear his.

vest from NACRE
turtleneck from Guangzhou Night Market
harlem jumpsuit jodhpurs from H&M
sneakers from H&M
disco soho bag from Gucci

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