Sunday, March 20, 2016


pool area
Mediterranean feeling

the beach

This place is a few hours drive further north from my husband's hometown.  We went here for a day trip a few years back.  It was a good experience because we went during off peak season, I think that was February and we almost had the resort to ourselves.  There were only a few visitors during that time; one is even a celebrity singer who hailed from Pangasinan too.

The beach was magnificent.  Bolinao is famous for white sand beach and a coastline that stretches for miles.  The water was definitely calm when we went there, in fact, it was too calm because of the breakwater they have further out the sea.  It was a long stretch of knee deep water; something good for the kids.

enjoying the sun

entrance from the beach side

going out to the beach


The pool is enormous and combined with a children's pool at the further end. There is a jacuzzi hut in the middle but too bad because it was under repair when we were there.  Comfortable lounges were scattered around the area and the staff were very attentive to us.  Wifi  is only available at the restaurant section which was fine by me then because I actually went there to relax and enjoy the waters.

we had the pool to ourselves

love this bougainvillea arbor

comfy lounges

comfy baking under the sun


We went home relaxed, rejuvenated and with a full tummy because of the delicious food they served out there.  I couldn't get enough of their halo-halo and ended up eating 3 of it.
the beachside restaurant

bulalo (Filipino osso buco soup)


lechong manok (grilled chicken)

leche flan

packet (Vegetable)

pancit canton

food rates: 250 pesos-600 pesos (6-15 USD) (food is really good and worth every cents)
villa rates: 4700- 13000plus for an overnight stay (120-320USD)

You cannot bring in food.  Actually, you won't need it because they have quite a selection and their cuisine is really great tasting.

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