Thursday, March 10, 2016


Branded stuffs are really good primarily because of their longetivity, quality and stylishness.  However, I am not the type to shun away from flea market  finds and cheap frills I can find online. If you have been following my blog, you will notice that it is a smorgasboard of various branded and generic stuffs; clothes and fashion items that I have collected from everywhere.  My fashion taste is quite eclectic and usually mood dependent.

I have found this booties in an online shop called FOREVER 21 LOVE here in Guangzhou.  Nope, there is no connection at all with the famous F21 Korean brand.  This shop sells stylish footwear and judging from the footwear collection they have, I had to stop myself from hoarding all those cheap and trendy shoes.  I have bought a 5 dollar footwear before from a SPanish brand called Abusiva and it has been with me for a year now.  I guess some cheap footwear have lasting qualities as long as you pick the good ones.  I have high hopes for this pair.

As for the cape, it is actually a vest that I bought from the same shop where the 10 dollars motorcycle jacket came from.  It is about the same price too!

Looking for cheap but stylish stuffs online can be a tedious task so I always bookmark whenever I found a shop that fits my taste and size.  One of the main problems I encountered here is that China sizes are a lot smaller than Euro and American sizes; it is like their target consumers are waifs.  So whenever I get to discover shops that caters to my size (10-12 for Euro/10-14/American), I make sure I will be able to find it again for future shoppings.

charcoal grey turtleneck from ZARA
deep grey pants from H&M
medium flap bag from CHANEL
boots from FOREVER 21 LOVE

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