Monday, March 28, 2016


Ebony is such a classic hue that never goes out of style.  Pair it with pearls and it even becomes more sophisticated.  if I wake up not knowing what to wear in the morning and yet I want to look polished, I will immediately get my hands on a black shift dress.  One can never go wrong with this ensemble for work.  Since I am wearing an all black outfit, I thought I should spice it up a tad more by putting a bright red lipstick and of course, the exquisite pearls.  I wore a coat out of necessity, because the weather here in Guangzhou can be a bit bipolar throughout the day.  I don't want to be caught dead shivering my insides out because of the cold.

coat by KARY JONES
shift dress by ZARA
boots by ABUSIVA
tote bag by RALPH LAUREN
eyewear by MIU MIU
pearl necklace was a gift from a good friend of mine MARCUS

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