Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I am not really a denim jeans person.  I only own a few pairs which is already an upgrade for having just a pair for years.  I remember trying to do a denim series for a week and I was hanging by a thread; literally ransacking my closet for denims that can get me through 7 days.  Lately, I am getting the hang of it though, especially during thunderstorms like today when I want to feel comfortable while on my way to the office.  You can use denim for work; just pair it with a structured outerwear on top for a smarter  look.  In my case, I paired it with an animal print tank top that I knotted on the side because it is quite big on me.  A basic blue blazer is used to make the look a little more office ready in spite of the casualness of the inner clothes.

blue blazer from JEYKAY
tank top from H&M
jeans from BENCH
sneakers from ISABEL MARANT
pandora bag from GIVENCHY

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