Tuesday, March 8, 2016


so quaint
It is almost summer in my home country and I thought I should feature a resort that I went to with my family the last time I came home.  It was our first time to head south primarily because my relatives are from the North.  However, since I was waiting for my surgery clearance during that time, we opted to try and find a resort in Batangas that can accommodate us on a short notice as well as our dog, Beagle the wiggle.  So I searched the web and found this hidden gem of Laiya called Balai and off we went.

our beagle dog (my mom's)
The place wasn't hard to find despite the warnings that I have seen on the web.  We were able to reach it with no hassle at all; considering that we were virgins on traveling south.  Their parking  lot was quite small though but we went during off peak season so there not much people and cars.
We were greeted by friendly staff and were ushered to our villa.  The place is really quiet and serene; not like the commercialized resorts of other areas.  This one has a very bucolic scene; fishponds all over with cottages scattered on the sides.  Surprisingly, there was no fishy smell at all in spite of the fishponds everywhere.  All villas were located a good distance away from the main cottage where they serve the food as well as the pool and beach.  For us, we had to cross a wooden bridge just to get to the main cottage.  It maybe a pain to cross it during lunch time because of the scorching sun but nevertheless, the bridge never failed to made me stop and appreciate the natural beauty around me.

the bridge to the cottages

clean rooms

The beach was surreal.  Pristine white sand and the turquoise ocean made the scene picture perfect.  However, there had been lots of jellyfishes when we were there so I did not really attempt to get into the water.  I settled for the pool instead.  There were lots of other things to do as well like billiards and of course, the ever present Filipino tradition of videoke or KTV.

the way to the beach

the pool

they have a big pool

lounge area

the chapel

the shoreline

the beach
lounging around

kimono and bikini top from COCO CABANA, shorts from FOREVER 21, eyewear from MARC JACOBS

see through tunic from COCO CABANA; bikini from CAMILLE CO SOAK

bikini top from COCO CABANA, eyewear from MARC JACOBS, earrings from GINA TRICOT

with mini me

It was a trip worth going to and if you are into privacy and nature like me, then Balai Laiya is the place for you.
our trip cost: 
group of six
3300 php for the cottage (approx.80 USD) per night
6,300 (six people)(mandatory) for buffet/1050/head (approximately 25USD per head)

location: San Juan Batangas

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