Saturday, March 19, 2016

Charlotte Bar and Cafe (Guangzhou)

located right at the lagoon

romantic trees outside

I have been in Guangzhou for quite some time and yet, I have only known this quaint bar and restaurant a few weeks back.  It was introduced to me by one of my team members who suggested to have our team's baby shower in this place.

It is located right at the heart of Zhejiang Central Park, right in the middle of the lagoon which I did not even know exist.  It is a quaint log cabin with a balcony extending towards the water; thereby giving it a romantic ambiance.  We already called in for a reservation so table was not a problem.  However, we had to sit inside because the balcony cannot accommodate a long table for 13 people.

Service had been a problem but was compensated by the manager and chef attending personally to our needs.  Most of the staff are pretty new which explains the inefficiency.  I had to ask for my dessert 5 times before it was finally served.  The good food is also something that I will gladly go back to in spite of the non-exceptional service.

As for the price, it is not as pricey as the ambiance of the place looks like.  The price is reasonable and you will actually be getting exquisite food for a good price.  I had the lamb and I am not even fond of lamb.  However, I like the lamb in this restaurant and the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Their appetisers, especially the salmon with melon and avocado, are to die for.

the lamb

French cheese and shrimp pastries; squid cutlets with wasabi sauce

opera chocolate cake and mango cheese cake

mint punch

I will come back gladly into this place and bring my family here for some good food and atmosphere for sure.

steaks start at 160-200 plus RMB (around 30 dollars)
appetisers range from 40rmb up (6 dollars and up)


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