Thursday, March 10, 2016


The fondness for perfume has been a long time obsession of mine, though I must admit that I fancy men's fragrance more.  If most women spritz on their perfume in the morning and just leave it at home, I always carry a bottle or two of my favourite fragrance.  A friend even once pried why  I even bother to use perfume during lunchtime or  even the wee hours of dawn during overtimes.    Well, I simply love how the enticing smell fills the air and brings a random whiff of change.

So below is the list of some perfume brands that I have been using for quite some time now.  These are my staples for everyday as well as events too.

Chance by Chanel:  This was given to me by my mother-in-law.  Even though it is for women, I love the sweet floral smell of it.  It is very subtle but brings about a dynamic vitality into its scent.  I use this on normal days, date nights or just when I want to feel more girly and fresh.

 AQVA BY BVLGARI: I bought these two men's fragrances while I was waiting for my flight in Los Angeles.  LAX has an extensive collection of perfumes but I couldn't find the initial perfume that I was looking for (VERY SEXY FOR HIM by VICTORIA'S SECRET).  And then I saw these and sniffed on the testers.  I have always been a fan of Bvlgari perfumes,especially the Jasmine Noir, but these two perfumes got me on the first sniffs.

AQUA AMARA or "bitter water" has that elegant woody citrus smell that evokes luxury.  I use this whenever I have client presentation meetings or formal events.

AQVA MARINE reminds me of the Mediterranean ocean freshness.  It has a very relaxing but memorable smell.  I use this almost everyday.

BETWEEN US BY ONE DIRECTION: Oh yeah, fangirl to the bones.  This is the new fragrance from the group and it has not been released yet here in China up to now.  So my daughter and I walked the length of Magnificent Mile at Chicago and found this at Macy's.  Of course, we just have to buy the whole set!  We can't help it especially upon seeing my Louis staring from the box cover. (swooning like an immature adolescent!).  As for the scent, I like the shower gel and the lotion more than the perfume itself.  The perfume smells quite mature actually.  It is floral and sensual at the same time.  I find the scent strong and sexy; appropriate for a night out or dinner events.

THE ONE BY DOLCE AND GABBANA:  A perfume given to me as a present by my mother-in-law when she arrived from Italy.  This is a very sensual perfume with a hint of Oriental flowers.  It evokes glamour, vibrance and class.  This is another staple meeting or party perfume for me.

FLORA BY GUCCI: A very sophisticated scent close to my heart because my husband chose this for me.  He likes the smell so much.  It has a classic clean and floral scent that somehow denotes power and elegance.  I mainly use this for work.

POLO BLUE BY RALPH LAUREN:  A very invigorating scent perfect for  chill days.  This is actually my husband's favourite perfume which I steal from time to time especially during weekends.

 ECLAT D' ARPEGE BY LANVIN: A fruity floral scent that reminds me of spring and the blooming season.  One of the few women's fragrance that I truly love and enjoy. I wear this on any occassion; be it everyday or special ones.

PERFUMES BY CALVIN KLEIN: The oldest fragrance addiction that I have is with Calvin Klein. I remember bargaining with my father that if I pass the entrance examination of the Philippine's most prestigious university, he will buy me a very big bottle of CKOne. (yeah, I was very easy to deal with before).  I did pass and the rest is history; a history of my endless fascination with CK fragrance.

CK BE:  I love the woody aroma and versatility of this perfume.  I like the idea that it is created for both men and women in mind.  I use this perfume for weekend day events or park strolls.

CKFREE: another light woody scent from CK which is perfect for beach trips or journeys.  This is also my travel perfume most of the time; my in-transit fragrance.

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