Thursday, February 18, 2016


As I have mentioned before in my previous blogs, mini-me and I are big fans of One Direction....stop rolling your eyes over the fact that an adult is head over heels for boys in skinny jeans!  They are actually good.(oh yeah I am hardcore!). Anyway, so imagine my daughter's delight when I told her that the windy city has Nando's which is Niall's favorite takeout.  She actually almost dragged us to the place and made us eat there more than twice.  But hey, I am not complaining because those peri-peri chickens won me over.  Those soft and juicy skins mixed with a tinge of spice that is just right to tickle your tounges with hotness.  The drink bar is also a plus as well as the nice interior decor.  Too bad I was not able to take pictures of the interior that much; well I was busy eating.
mine...all mine
peri-peri chicken
view from outside

a whole bunch of chicken
the first try
I think the second one
the sauce I prefer
we love Nando's

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