Friday, February 19, 2016

That red dress and the Harry Potter Cape

Just another outfit shot before I went to work.  I call this my Harry Potter coat because it does look like a sorcerer's outerwear, right?  Kidding aside, this coat is one of my most versatile pieces and it is not expensive at all.  I like the irregular cut so much especially when it is closed which I might feature someday with another style.  As for the red pleated dress, it is actually a sleeveless dress of mine that had been with me for the longest time.  I just put a matching red turtleneck on top of it to keep me warm.  It was a cold day when this was taken.  The apricot coloured bag is a gift from a good friend of mine.

blue asymmetrical cut cape from an online shop here in China
red pleated dress from MANGO
red turtleneck from ZARA
obi belt from a flea market here in China
apricot and beige tote from NINE WEST
knee high boots from ALDO

And this is how it looks like when its front is closed.  It actually becomes a whole lot of different coat.

and it is very warm, I tested it in Chicago when I went out one night with minimal clothing underneath.

so till the next one!

all the love,
Sheri xxx

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