Friday, February 19, 2016


My family and I love food so much.  We love to cook, bake and of course, eat!  I have actually researched about Chi-town's local food before we actually set foot there.  I know that we just had to have the deep dish pizza and the famous Polish hotdogs.  Chicago did not disappoint when it comes to food.  There are lots of options and for me, everything tasted awesome or at least everything we have eaten.
The Nachos at Gino's East Pizza
Mozzarella sticks at Gino's East Pizza
Calamari at Gino's East Pizza
with my college friend Joe at Gino's East Pizza
we haven't seen each other for almost 10 years
eating the left over deep dish pizza from Gino's east at my hotel
interior is classic Italian eatery 

Mini-me's burger

my first try on the Maxwell street Polish hotdog and I fell in love with it.
the philly cheese steak sandwich at house of wings, North Clark

burger and chicken wings at house of wings, north clark

the celery sticks reminded me how much I love this snack.

my second polish hotdog sandwich at house of wings, north clark

the grilled beef set at Del Seoul, North clark

bibimbap at Del Seoul, North Clark
my family loves to eat late at night and Bockwinkel's deli was our saviour because it was opened 24 hours and just a few steps away from Hyatt Regency. 

a whole lot of selection
but we love their roasted chicken best!

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