Monday, February 22, 2016


layered and comfy

During winter, layering is necessary for comfort and warmth.  However, one has to know which pieces work with each other so as to avoid looking like a stuffed bear.  For me, I usually mix flowing lines with a structured base; probably an influence I got from designing projects at work.  I keep it simple by keeping most of my ensemble in one hue family; in this case, greys in cool tone.  And then I usually add a splash of color or a different texture for contrast and an interesting twist.  Here, I mixed the dark brown scarf in the outfit so I wouldn't look too washed out because of the monochromatic colors.  Well, as for my hair; it is in a top knot because I am too lazy to comb and blow dry it.  A few minutes more and I will be late for work.

gray oversized tunic from H&M

dark brown scarf from Hugo Boss

gray inner jumper from Uniqlo

structured denim pants from Hongkong flea market

Celine phantom bag

black mid-calf boots from Abusiva

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