Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The brown line and a whole lot of parks

I am not a train person at all.  Whether I am here in China or in my home country, the Philippines, I seldom take the metro primarily because I don't like being squished by a large number of people.  However, when I was in Chicago, I tried taking the brown line from Diversey to the city.  My family and I enjoyed a walk along Arlington as well as Nando's, the home of Peri-peri Chicken.
with mini-me at the train station

I like the rustic feeling of the brown line train.  It was a different way of experiencing the city and of course, it was a plus that it was not crowded at all.  I got to pass by the old rails that entered the city.
a view of the city riverwalk
I went to several parks for my case study references (yeah, for work inspo right there!).  Maggie Daley and Grant Parks are just simply awesome.  It was quite a sunny day but don't be fooled by the brightness because it was cold that day.  The wind was relentless and unforgiving.

surreal clouds at Grant Park!

walking towards Millennium from  Grant Park

a panoramic shot of Maggie Daley Park

reminds me of the Lord of the Rings Trees
I had fun park hopping though in spite of the chilly weather that day.  I did not really mind it because the clouds and the sunlight are just great for my shots.

black and maroon bonnet hat from RALPH LAUREN
leather jacket from ZARA MENSWEAR
skinny jeans from FOREVER 21
knee high boots from ALDO
Pandora bag from GIVENCHY
posing under the sun for some warmth

with mini-me again

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