Friday, February 19, 2016


My friend, Joe  who is based in Chicago, brought us into this lovely sushi place called OYSY sushi  at E. Grand Avenue.  He told us that it is one of his favorite sushi place  in Chi-town.  The place is very chic and contemporary and service is great too.  Our food came a little late though but we didn't really mind because we were busy catching up with chitchats and the place was full anyway.
with my college friend Joe

I am a sushi/sashimi believer so the moment I heard sushi, I was already sold to this place.  They also offer cocktail drinks which is good because it makes a great place to chill and hang-out without loud music blasting into your ears.  It is a nice place for conversations over some Japanese tamagoyaki or maki.  The price is also just right considering the ambiance and quality food you are getting.  We spent around 100 dollars for a 4 people meal.  If I go back to the Windy City, I will definitely go back to this place.

our group of 4

Joe,my daughter and I had the same order which is this rainbow dragon sushi.  It had bits of avocado in it which I really love.
My hubs had this grilled tuna steak and of course, with rice.  He actually really liked it and if he liked it, then it means it was really good because he is not easy to please with food being a great chef himself.

We also had this sashimi platter
while waiting for our food, no wonder we didn't get bored.

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