Tuesday, April 26, 2016


My flight today is delayed so I might as well make my time useful by catching up with my blogposts.  Here is a backlog post about an ensemble I wore last week.  This black striped mid length dress is actually a beauty on its own.  The cut and pattern are really flattering and it gives off that sexy workwear vibe.  However, I thought of adding one more layer over it to make it more corporate and interesting.  The outerwear is actually another dress worn backwards.  Can you tell that it is flipped backwards by the looks of it?  I made it function as an outerwear thereby giving the patterned innerwear something more solid to anchor to.

striped dress from H&M 
gray dress as outerwear from VICTORIA BECKHAM
medium flap bag from CHANEL
black ankle strap pumps from an online shop (sorry forgot the name)
eyewear from MIU MIU

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